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Graphic Sex Project

March 30, 2017

What's this Graphic Sex Project about, you say? I came up with this activity specifically for Women Uncorked, as a conversation starter, but soon enough found that conversation needed no help in getting started. It's a simple activity, but surprisingly powerful, so I've started taking it to other events, including the Artomatic in Crystal City, spring of 2017. 


People start with a handful of brightly colored 1cm cubes and a template. They think about how a positive sexual episode unfolds for them, and break it down into its component activities, assigning each activity a color. Then they make a graph laying out their sexual story arc, temporally and proportionally with the cubes. It has the potential to give people profound insights into what they do sexually -- what they like and what they actually do. Sometimes how we think about our sex life can get shrouded in a bunch of cultural taboos and hangups, and just exist as a kind of incoherent blur that we don't think about too much outside of the act.  The colorful little blocks open up awareness to the details in non-shame-drenched ways.  As if to say, I'm not thinking about sex, I'm playing with little blocks! It's practically wholesome.


People create a graph, and if they choose they can take a picture in the furry light box and send it to me. I print it out and add it to wall and to the website.


Creating a graph taps into a different way of thinking about your sex life. It has the potential to be a springboard in consider other options, change the story around a bit! Or to open up conversations with partners... we all know how hard those can sometimes be. And then perusing other people's graphs may lead the way to an acceptance of our own unique sexual preferences as it reveals the tremendous range and diversity of how people define a sexual experience.


Eventually this will become an installation of hundred's of people's ideas of what good sex looks like.







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