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Here's a great article from Elite Daily about a Women Uncorked workshop

I had such a wonderful time at Women Uncorked! It REALLY warmed my heart to be in such an open an safe space to discuss these issues in a positive and structured way! I am just beaming! I'm so sad that I had to depart early, but I'll make sure I can hang around next month. Thanks so much again for this positive and enlightening experience. 

Rae Monet

"Women Uncorked is such an amazing community for safe, healthy, and yes - sexy - discussions about... sex, love, pleasure, exploration, being a woman in the world, and SO much more! Discovering this space and community has been one of the highlights of moving to DC for me. Jennifer is wonderful at making this a safe, no-such-thing-as-TMI-while-no-pressure-to-share-either, and sex-positive space! I've learned so much from hearing about other peoples' experiences and sharing some of my own. And I've also just had such a good time. I look forward to these monthly gatherings!"


Last night was FANTASTIC! I got SO much out of the uncorked circle. Thanks for organizing such important conversations and communities. I hope to keep attending and to bring more friends!


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful gathering last night. It was such an educational and freeing experience to be surrounded by such an intelligent and diverse group women willing to share their stories. I really loved hearing about their various experiences and it led to my friend and I getting even closer as we were able to share things we probably wouldn't have shared otherwise. So thank you for facilitating that!


I too want to extend my thanks for the beautiful event you held last night. It was such an honest, open space, which made me feel comfortable to ask even the most remedial questions. Everyone was so willing to offer insight without judgement, which made the night that more beautiful. I loved this sense of togetherness.

It was incredible to hear the stories of women of all ages and backgrounds. This event has made me more comfortable with the idea of discussing these topics with my close friends. ... We reached a level of comfort we had not explored before. 


Last night's event was so wonderful and cathartic. I'm so glad I was part of it and can't wait to participate in future ones. 


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