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Start a Women Uncorked in your town

Make a place - they will come!  Many women have things they want to talk about and not enough situations right for the talking:  a safe, private place, where other

women of all ages and different experiences can gather and share

wisdom and insight, knowledge, and understanding.  

FIND A LOCATION: It can be a place where other kinds of workshops happen -- look for workshops in your town. It can be a back room of a restaurant or bar -- many places allow you to reserve the spot. It can be a small performance arts space. It can be a room in your local library or municipal center (but you won't be able to have wine!). It can be a private home (though some people might be wary, and less likely to come). 

ADVERTISE IT:  If it's in a workshop or performance space, they may have a newsletter or you can get on their calendar. Use Meetup. You could start your own, or use the one we have - get in touch and we will make you a facilitator! Look for groups in your area that use keywords like sexuality, feminism, or discussion, and suggest your Meetup on their page. This is a good way to get your group rolling.  Start a Facebook group as well as adding your event to closed group already going. Tell your friends... though for some women, one of the great things about Women Uncorked is that they don't know anybody!  Look for neighborhood listserves around the venue and ask to be included. Ask us for the files of our flyer graphic and print some to hand out. Put your event up on Eventbrite.

FACILITATE IT:  It takes surprisingly little to get the conversation going! But here are some ideas to start out with.

  • Have women pair off and spend 5 minutes interviewing each other about what they are interested in talking about. Then all return to the group and each person introduces the other.

  • Pass around index cards and have women write a topic or a question they'd like to discuss. 

  • Have women make suggestions for a topic and write them all on a piece of poster board. Then vote on each one, and talk about them in the order of most votes to fewest.

  • Ask a question and get everyone to say responses that you write on a poster board. Like -- What gets you in the mood? What are your turn-offs? What's the most unusual place you've had sex? What's your favorite sex toy? What your favorite/least favorite sexual come-on from a partner? 

  • Suggest a book or article to read beforehand and then talk about it.  Some ideas for books are: Come As You Are, by Emily Nagoski; Mating in Captivity, by Esther Perel (or her podcasts); The Erotic Mind, by Jack Morin; The Guide to Getting It On, by Paul Joannides; What do Women Want, by Daniel Bergner.

  • Reveal something about yourself to get the conversation going. Talking briefly about something you struggle with in your own sex life to set the bar for intimacy. People will respond with how they struggle with the same thing!

  • Make some boxes with a slit in the top and put yes/no questions on the boxes. When women arrive, give them a handful of red and yes poker chips. Have them vote by putting a red chip for "no" or a blue chip for "yes" in each box.  Then open the boxes and talk about the results.

  • Go to the Graphic Sex Project website (on the menu bar above!) and download the template. Order the 1 centimeter cubes on the link provided (they are only about $10). Have everyone use the cubes the make a graph of a good sexual episode. Then talk about how making the graph helped everyone think about sex in a different way. Talk about what people's preferences are for sexual activities, what order they happen in, how long people like to spend, do they like to climax before their partner or after? Take pictures of the graphs and send them to me!

  • Start with a guided meditation. I've recorded one that you can use that is focused on body awareness. It's in the menu bar.

NEED ADVICE?: I would love to talk to you!  Go to the contact page. I'd be delighted to set up a time for phone call.